Kavannah for a Congregational Meeting

The following kavannah, shared at a recent Tzedek v’Shalom
congregational meeting, provides a wonderful introduction
to how we function as a congregation:

We are about to engage in a conversation with other members of our dear community so that our spiritual and social action needs are met.

The community is very important to all of us, otherwise we wouldn’t be here participating, investing some of our precious time on this Sunday afternoon.

As a lay-led community, our voices are empowered to shape its ruach, its priorities, and its actions.

If this language speaks to you, you might want to consider that God loves this community and that She is collaborating on the discussion. Alternatively, you might just want to say it feels important to us and so we want to ensure we are present in the conversation.

May we all collaborate to create a safe space for dialogue. May each one of us open our ears to hear what others may say—even if our hearts and their hearts are in different places.

May each of us find insight to speak clearly and intelligently.

May the fruits of this discussion lead to greater Tzedek / justice and Shalom / peace for us, for our families, for our community, and for the Jews, for non-Jews, and for the planet.

Now, take a moment now to think of what’s most important and what’s coming up for you and what you’d like to take home with you.

— Anna Kitces and Seth Fishman

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