Our Mission and Vision


Our Core Purpose

Tzedek v’Shalom is dedicated to nurturing each person’s unique gifts and spirituality through a dynamic Jewish community dedicated to justice and peace.

Our Vision

All members actively engage in an array of intergenerational practices and activities that meet their spiritual needs and integrate Torah study, lifelong learning, and tikkun olam.

Our Founding Principles:

We are a progressive Jewish community, committed to realizing tzedek v’shalom – justice and peace – in our lives and in the world. We seek to build a spiritual community based on love, compassion and mutual respect. We deepen our spiritual lives through prayer and meditation (tefilah), Jewish study (Torah and mitzvot) and action to heal the world (tikkun olam). Our faith and actions are based on three great Jewish principles:

…In the image of God. Genesis 1:27

We seek God’s image in ourselves and in others, knowing that God has many faces. Our Judaism is a generous spiritual path, enriched by a diversity of belief, spiritual practice and human experience.

We challenge ourselves to see God’s image in those whom we have been taught to fear, in those with whom we disagree and those who have been marginalized because of race, class, gender or sexual orientation.

…Turn it, turn it, for everything is in it. Pirkei Avot 5:25

We embrace Torah as the foundation of our Jewish study. We seek to learn its many layers, from the plain meaning (pshat) to the most hidden truths (sod).

We will learn from modern interpretations as well as the ancient texts and commentaries. As part of our study, we will create our own commentaries, midrash, rituals and other sacred works, using the talents, energies and life experiences of our community.

…Justice, justice shall you pursue. Deuteronomy 16:20

Faith calls us to seek justice for all people. We are committed to act with other faith communities to challenge institutions and structures that have perpetuated injustice in our nation and throughout the world.

Love of Israel especially obligates us to support Israelis who are striving for peace and justice in Israel, for reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian people and for peace between Israel and its neighbors.

Let us strive to fulfill God’s commandment to become a holy nation… Exodus 19:6