Why TvS?

 There are many reasons why our members love Tzedek v’Shalom.  Below are the most frequently cited reasons, in no special order:

  • We are welcoming to all and embrace diversity.
  • Congregants know each other by name.
  • Music and song are a vital part of our spiritualness.
  • We never turn anyone away for financial reasons.
  • Our congregation is a vibrant mix of all generations.
  • We have meaningful discussions related to Judaism and topical issues.
  • We have lots of fun events.
  • It feels like a community of down-to-earth people—not at all cliquish, stuffy, or showy.
  • We have a particular passion for seeking social justice—in the words of torah, in our community, and in our larger society.


Here’s what some of our members have to say about TvS:

“Tzedek v’Shalom continues to fulfill its promise…my whole family remains involved – from the ‘heretical agnostic’ to the spiritually searching, from the person more involved in social action to the girls who love to learn. And we all agree that TvS potluck dinners can’t be beat for camaraderie AND food!”

“When I was invited to High Holiday services, I was searching for community. I had lost my daughter Sarah a few months earlier and I needed all the support I could get. The people at TvS welcomed me with kindness and warmth and I felt accepted almost at once. While everyone respected my privacy, I was touched the first time a member asked me “Well, tell me about Sarah”.  Before joining TvS, I always felt uncomfortable going to synagogue events myself, as I am a member of an interfaith family.  This has never been an issue here—I am accepted for who I am. I now view my fellow members as family.”

“It happened at a Bar Mitzvah. It was for one of the kids my son was attending TvS religious school with. We arrived a few minutes late. As we walked into the sanctuary where the rabbi was leading the services, the first thing I noticed was a collection of smiling, familiar faces—greeting US. I glanced along the aisles and again and again, people waved to us, smiling in friendly recognition. Even the rabbi, when the moment was free, nodded to us in a smiling greeting.

It was something that one might just ignore, but for me, it was something amazing—a moment of feeling a part of a shul that is a real, heartful, connected community. I’ve been a member of a number of other congregations where walking into services is a lonely, cold experience. It got so this was what I expected upon entering a synagogue’s services. But not at Tzedek v Shalom. There’s something special about what we have. It means that when I go to services, I look forward to them for the people. And I haven’t even mentioned the great music, discussions and spirituality we share at our services.”